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Zedny is an Arabic learning and development platform using machine learning and gamification to empower human capital to reach their full potential in the job market. The AI-powered platform uses online courses and animated video summaries of global business bestsellers to set employees, managers and individuals on a designated career learning path. These paths tackle behavioral, social and business knowledge, as well as office and digital tools to expand the individual’s horizons. Thus, productivity within organizations is heightened and employees’ performance is enhanced since e-learning enables learners to absorb five times more material for every hour of training, according to research. Zedny provides year-long online learning and development at a fraction of the cost of one offline training course for an employee.

Currently, besides Zedny, there is no localized, Arabic cross-skill learning and development platform that has it all. Zedny’s content is in Arabic; hence, the language that most employees in Egypt speak and think with.

Through using AI, Zedny provides each employee category with a designated learning path that provides them with the knowledge and the skills they need to become the best at what they do, giving a very personalized experience. Zedny’s AI tech in its advanced Learning Management Systems (LMS) pinpoints the strengths and areas for development of each learned skill; thus, it assesses employees and can act as an external evaluator of employee performance. All of this is represented through a dashboard with infographics and visualized data. AI is the future - learning and development professionals expect AI and machine learning to drive more accurate personalization of recommended learning content, as per on LinkedIn data.

Zedny teaches the employees through online courses, talks and video book summaries of global subject matter bestsellers through a gamification model.

We develop the courses in our in-house studios and our platform via our in-house tech team.

In a nutshell, Zedny brings the world's best content in Arabic coupled with the best selling books globally summarized and animated in Arabic to empower the region's human capital.

Our Mission: Empowering people to realize their true potential

Our Vision: Revolutionizing, personalizing and gamifying the learning experience for everyone giving them dignity, hope and opportunities.

Our Values: I LEARN







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Date Founded 04/2018

Founders 6

Company Size 10 - 50

Development Stage SEED

Revenue Generating Yes


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