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VRapeutic is a UNICEF Innovation Fund portfolio software house specializing in the development of therapeutic and rehabilitative solutions with a current focus on virtual reality for neurodevelopmental disorders.
VRapeutic develops VR modules specially tailored to instill cognitive, social, academic, and motor skills in children. Beyond the confinement of therapy rooms and the limitations of conventional training methods, we empower therapists with unlimited virtual training scenarios that are otherwise impossible to realize during sessions. We also empower specialists with cutting-edge technologies to track and analyze children’s performance, and to design data-driven therapy plans. Currently, our library contains seven modules that address attention skills for children diagnosed with AD(H)D and autism, all designed based on the TOVA test and measure impulsivity, distractibility, omission, in addition to other variables from within the VR environments.
We have distinguished ourselves from the key players in the field by several aspects that are at the core of the technology. This includes being the only VR headset-agnostic system among the key players in the market and the only system among the competitors that integrates various biosensors with rehabilitative VR experiences.

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Date Founded 03/2019

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