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Clean City is a social network where members can express themselves and act towards their environment. Protecting our cities is now a shared responsibility. To accomplish this feat, the application allows the detection, the claim as well as the sorting of waste, all, in a user-friendly interface accessible to all.
How to participate in the cleanliness of my city?
1 – Claims :
Simply take a picture and share a polluting place or a tray that overflows to speed up the cleaning process. By means of your position, you provide the authorities in charge with roadmap that effectively leads to the place in question. This action will give you points of commitment citizen.
2 - Waste sorting :
When you participate in the sorting service, you will benefit, through our partners, of bags specific to the type of recyclable material. The harvest that you will carry out will also give you points of commitment citizen.
The application offers to users a gift list.

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