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Teacherly is a collaborative lesson planning and peer to peer coaching platform, connecting teachers in faculties across distances. Improving departmental workflow and efficiency and driving up the quality of lesson planning. Teacherly is focused on the 29 million teacher teams globally and our goal is to create and connect clusters of teacher communities together under one roof, Teacherly. Reducing teacher workload and time it takes to plan lessons.

Withe teacherly we have focused on innovating on the business model and reducing the sales cycle with a bottom up approach. Going straight to teacher teams (faculties) who hold the budget and are the buyer and end user.

Bootstrapping teacherly, as a former teacher and founder I saw a gap and personally funded it to develop the MVP an generate revenue. We then went through Ignite Accelerator and got Angel funding and recently went through Facebook LDN_LAB Community growth incubator focused on communities. At Facebook we launched our individual teacher subscription model aimed at millennial teachers who are willing to pay £7.99 per month that connects them to other teachers, interactive lesson templates that they can edit and modify and reduce their workload.

Having established in the UK we are now entering Europe, starting with Finland and the Scandinavian countries. The Middle East, we have 16 pilots running in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. We have signed two distribution partners in India and China.

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