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Living the Dubai dream, most parents rely substantially on their nanny for support in raising their children. Does your nanny know how to stimulate your youngster or opt to give them the iPad? Do they have a first aid certificate? Nanny coaching will assist in shaping your nanny, to equip them with the correct tools to become a super nanny.

Trained nannies are few and far between. At Super Nanny Middle East our focus stretch beyond, we don't only focus on certain aspects but rather see the opportunity as a “total life cycle” approach. We will be looking at developing the nannies skills to enable them to kindle your child’s growth, putting both mothers and nannies more at ease. The program will include nutrition, first aid and an education program on how to stimulate your child.

Our key is to create a stimulating environment where all facets of our training can percolate through and change lives.
Through the synergistic effect both mother, child and nanny can reap the benefits from our sessions. We aim to change mindsets, believing that a teachable spirit makes daily education a given.

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