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Snaapy was founded in Qatar in January 2016. Small businesses and technology is where our passion meets. In our hearts we believe that small businesses make great cities, and that is why we love creating tools that help small businesses excel and grow. This is how Snaapy was born and will continue to deliver. We are a young team that is based in Qatar and Kuwait.

Snaapy is a highly adaptable marketplace that connects customers to their favorite businesses through a very easy to use booking system while also providing innovative tools for those businesses to grow. Snaapy is able to cater for a diverse portfolio of businesses which is the key differentiator for Snaapy today. Snaapy also has an ambitious development plan to build a promotion engine that is able to create micro campaigns for small businesses using Artificial Intelligence.

We are also proud to be a company founded by a Qatari founder. Snaapy is ready to receive customers worldwide as the platform supports businesses in many countries. The US, the U.K, Europe, Singapore and the GCC. However, our focus for the launch is in Qatar, Kuwait and UAE.

The idea was conceived back in November 2015 and the development began in January 2016. The company is established in Qatar and is fully self funded. A very ambitious and agile development cycle has lead in the launch of Snaapy in June 2016 in the duration of 6 months. Currently Snaapy is attracting customers in Kuwait where the founder is based and we are currently working on expanding our sales efforts to Doha and Dubai.

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