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Every day heart attacks may happen and we don't recognize them. It may disable areas of our heart.
Imagine a great day, you lied behind your desktop, suddenly your pen falls down through your fingers!
It seems to be a simple thing but if you know it may be a slight heart attack, you will be shocked! And usually you won't go to visit a doctor and after 5-20 years you find some part of your heart like a hollow! Your heart's efficiency had extremely decreased.
According to these problems we invented Micro Smart ECG, to notice every big and little heart problem!
We call it MSECG.
MSECG is a smart device with 3 sticky leads that connect to chest!
MSECG monitors ECG and judges ECG like a real medical doctor. It connects to smart phones and it's own micro computer via Bluetooth and you can see real-time ECG on a 7"touch mini PC! It will give a custom program (diet, exercise & etc) to the user.
By using MSECG you can guarantee your health!
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