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Sabketo is a platform to public microbook we say it microketab and show correct lifestyle Microketab is a summary of original book and have unique feature like Summary and useful microbook summarized on base on sabketo standard rules Without overwrite unfortunately publisher use overwrite for marketing and increasing price but microketab remove all overwrite More time more book averagely you can read 5 microketab versus with time you spend to read a normal book Read less get lost today people don t like read long and prefer read less but get lost knowledge Fit to every gadget microketab prepared for Epub PDF and AWZ3 kindle We provide audio version to all of the microketab to use easier in everywhere In addition to microketab sabketo is online magazine about successful lifestyle and public content about show correct lifestyle for people who wants to give success All of the content have podcast and we publish their podcast on several platform like beeptouns shenoto namlik telegram channel and radiato

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