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Everyone is creating video footage. Imagine how many video footage events visitors, brands followers and fans, and businesses employees and customers are creating about events, brands, and businesses every day. How many are shared? How many are positvie/negative? How many contains wisdom words? How many are funny? How many are the hosts aware of? and the story goes on.

Mobsting wants this to continue forever.. we love it.. But, we want to put a solid structure around it instead of the chaotic uncontrolled footage. The brands should benefit from it, the followers should feel good their footage come to use, and others should be aware of what is happening and why, ...

We are a video collaboration application and platform where businesses and communities hand-in-hand unite to produce impactful stories. The stories which the businesses want to tell and which the audiences want to relate and feel connected to. We enable brands to co-create video content together with their communities of followers, fans, employees, visitors, and viewers for broadcasting, marketing, social feeds, ads, and more.

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