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Interact-labs develop hardware and software products that make the whole collaborating experience more engaging and fun.

Most of our classes are based on lecture methods, where we feel bored, disconnected and disengaged, studies have shown that we can only retain 5% of the information delivered! Which hinders collaboration and engagement!

At Interact Labs we produce TACT, A device that transforms any HUGE monitor into Fast and Accurate interactive surface for collaboration! Whether it was a TV screen or a projected wall!

So you can use visual aids, interactive applications, Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint and any computer application!
You just plug Tact detector to your computer USB port, point the detector to a monitor, and now it’s completely interactive!!

Quick demo video:

The global interactive display market is expected to reach $13.8 B by 2024,

TACT is more as an activity oriented product more that have different use cases for TACT in education, businesses, gaming, advertisement, home automation and others…

We focus on the segment with boldest need and awareness, Private schools and businesses,
We started with focus in Egypt, where we have shown traction, and now looking to expand through Middle East and Africa markets.

We sell our product through:
1 - Direct sales.
2 - Distributors, who sell TV screens, projectors, IT solution for schools and corporate.
(We have progress with distributors in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kenya, South Africa, Kuwait)
3 - Bundling with partners who have a solution to bundle with, to gain market access (such as bundling with Microsoft, Intel, TV vendors, Mini projector vendors and others)

Marketing and promotions, includes:
•Producing promotional video for TACT showing different use cases.
•Joining international exhibitions and events.
•Doing a live shooting Campaign for TACT with key customers in each industry.

Tact competes locally with indirect alternatives:
- Electronic boards as Smartboard.
- Interactive projectors as Epson.
- Touch screens.
These solutions are fixed not portable, expensive especially for huge monitors and can be easily damaged with wear and tear.

Tact also competes directly worldwide with 3 startups from USA:
- Touchjet
- Gotouch
Where Tact is reliable and accurate with higher response
Also compatible with any software, unlike other solutions

Tact gives the customers an added value of having a reliable interactivity on any flat surface, where it combines bold competitive edges: Portability, Durability, Huge areas, Compatibility and Cost effectiveness.

Business Model:
- Sell TACT kit: $300
- Offering aftersales and maintenance services: +15% margin
- Annual upgrades: +10% margin,
- Average 6 kits per order.

- COGs: Only 30%.
- Monthly burn rate: $1.5K.

We have sold around 600 kits to over 85 B2B customers, mainly in Egypt and other 7 different countries, generated $190,000 in revenues.

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Date Founded 03/2019

Founders 4

Team Members 1 - 10

Development Stage SEED

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