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ITS - Integrated Information Technology Support - IITS & Inforich decided in 2011 to jointly invest in R & D to develop the next generation of HIS systems to respond to current and future clinical demands through creating healthcare applications based on the top notch technologies and building the 3rd generation of Healthcare Information Systems.

IITS & INFORICH created a new platform, new concept and new features to fill all the gaps that the older generations couldnt fill it due to it\\\'s old technology and platform that belongs to 1990\\\'s era


Health Information Technology in many parts of the world including Saudi Arabia and other GCC countries is currently very fragmented. There are many systems from different local and international vendors, and none of them are able to provide full customized solution or to effectively communicate with other systems, equipment, and devices. Most of early adapters hospitals and medical centers in the region that aquired HIS Systems are still using paper forms and failed to become paperless hospitals, this true and it is directly related to the old technologies of 1990\\\'s with poor clinical workflow, endless clicks to perform one task and opening mutiple windows for the same patient. End users such as nurses and doctors are very much furstrated with these legacy systems with rigid patient information flow and more paperwork.
Our Vision:

The quality Healthcare delivery systems in digital era depends on the concept of \\\"data fluidity\\\", future Smart Digital Hospitals - SDH will depend on smart information systems that can help to improve healthcare quality, safety, availabilty, and accessabilty through meaningful, beneficiary-focused clinical workflow.

Our Mission:

iHIS Pro will provide innovative, smart solutions developed by a team of Healthcare IT experts working closely with clinical advisory board with long experience that can fill the gaps and provide solutions free of fragmentations allowing a more efficient and cost effective capture, process, communication and transfer of information between different devices, systems, and mutiple institutions.

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Date Founded 07/2016

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