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The Combining System
This system is built with the idea to pull customes to the website by giving them the opportunity to design the wedding dress, which is the key element in weddings, by themselves and to create an innovative advertisement setting by easily promoting everything wedding-related.
Virtual stores are made within the website for the actual wedding stores. Pictures of the upper and lower part of the firms wedding dresses are uploaded to the virtual store. With the special software the wedding dress customer can combine the upper and lower parts that he/she wants. And also other products of the firm too can be displayed in the virtual store. These firms must pay a monthly fee. Besidesthat extra charge is taken for the photoshoots and other applications.
Development:With the upcoming improvements it will be possible to see the wedding dress in 3 dimensions and 360 degrees. Also it will be possible for the users to save and share the pictures on social media.

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