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Fitlov today is a one-stop-shop app to get fit and build a healthy lifestyle. Our app connects users with personal trainers, nutritionists and physiotherapists so our users can easily find the best fitness / wellness professionals in their neighbourhood. We follow a hollistic approach in which our clients get paired with one trainer and one nutritionist to ensure they achieve their fitness / health results. Our fitness professionals are freelancers that choose to work with Fitlov because of the ease of working and good conditions. Today there is no app that connects the best fitness & wellness freelancers near you. People rely on Instagram and word of mouth, giving them a very limited or biased access, lacking transparency regarding prices, qualifications, terms & conditions.
In the future we want to expand beyond being a service marketplace, leveraging AI to provide personalized assessment and recommendations for each of our users (diet / training programs / habits).
This app is made for and catered towards digitally savvy people that need support to achieve the best / healthiest version of themselves. We also consider all freelance fitness & wellness professionals as our customers, since our marketplace focuses on freelancers.We picked this idea because we believe there is a big gap in today's fitness & wellness offering, and people are more interested in fitness & wellness than ever before. We live in the age of the platform economy, however there is no established platform connecting the best fitness & wellness specialists in a seemless manner. So we believe we can make a difference and help users live their healthiest version of life, and help the fitness & wellness professionals grow with the help of tech.

Before starting this project we did not have experience in Fitness, although we did have experience in Tech. However all founders share an utmost passion for fitness since long time ago, which led to thinking and creating a new business model in fitness & wellness. We have excellent customer feedback and we have established our brand in the UAE. We know our customers need this platform because today 1) there is no access and people rely on word of mouth or instagram 2) there is no transparency or safety regarding prices & qualifications when you try to find a fitness / wellness freelancer online. We know our fitness professionals need this product to 1) access new clients & business 2) better manage their time & clients (today's is done manually on whatsapp) 3) improve retention & satisfaction of clients, and 4) build their own digital brand & business.

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