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Executive Summary This invention propose a new kind of CRM by use of social networks in Ecommerce field which have a new approach in rapid customers attraction and cost reduction of setting up maintenance and cost customers reduction called shared CRM Social Network CRM Customer Relationship Management Shared CRM as a new conceptThen then a Shared CRM has 2 layers 1 Social network layer 2 CRM engine LayerAnd CRM engine layer gets service to social network layer and social network layer feeds CRM layer The existing customers in this shared CRM will change from General customers to targeted customers Targeted customer are customers who have strong relation to business s goals and can be potential buyers According to inventor those systems that are designed based on this technique are called Customer Network Management Systems or In short called CNM Systems So if we use the concept of Shared CRM for making a system then that system is a CNM system FaveGate is a web system upon the Shared CRM concept So if you are as a SME business that want to have CRM but you can not to have because of setup s cost maintenance s cost advertisements costs and other reasons or you are a big business that want to grow in CRM services faster than others and reduce the costs and target the customers who are match to your goals the shared CRM is an opportunity for you Using th shared CRM means 1 Reduce the setup s cost of CRM2 Reduce the maintenance s cost of CRM3 Reduce the advertisement s cost for registration of customers4 Crease the percent of sell for business because of targeted customers5 Convert the general customers to targeted customers it s so important 6 Crease the power of promotion s managing for customers7 Decrease the bulks for customers8 The sharing of customer s experiences is easier than before And

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