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Faramohtava Scope of Services Faranegar Knowledge Ware Company as an online business design and development service provider has been always dreaming of productivity and Faramohtava is the realization of one of these dreams Faramohtava is a professional content marketing agency utilizing content marketing process management from developing strategies to producing optimizing broadcasting channels and auditing the content This website has various objectives including introducing Faramohtava scope of services and transferring the latest global knowledge of content marketing Creating a strategic content vision to manage your relationship with your beneficiaries is Faramohtava s most important mission No matter who develops your contents you must first know based of which standards for whom and for what purpose you produce the content and through which channel you publish it Faramohtava besides creating the strategic content vision is capable of producing various educational articles newsfeeds and reports interviews pictures films teasers graphic motions animations stop motions info graphics augmented reality contents electronic catalogues posters and podcasts suitable for your business in various price quality ranges with the help of its large teams of experts Faramohtava helps you plan and implement the best content marketing system within framework of your organization structure and limitations Faramohtava s successful experiences in large and small companies active in various industries in recent years taking into consideration your customers competitors brand and organizational culture focusing on key content performance indicators and continuous improvement of your content marketing strategy in line with the latest global trends guarantee the results which very few agencies can make for you Content Research and Development Faranegar Knowledge Ware Company is a content R D unit with a combination of fulltime and remote staffs Activities of this unit include identifying scientific and academic content marketing sources monitoring content marketing trends and festivals evaluating the top content marketing movements identifying the latest content marketing methods studying the means of content marketing such as websites applications and other content marketing management software evaluating and analyzing successful content marketing companies identifying content marketing agencies and establishing relationship with them identifying influential persons of content marketing industry evaluating effectiveness of content marketing techniques identifying the most effective content forms identifying various channels of publishing contents evaluating behaviors of each content channel analyzing content backup techniques studying quantitative and qualitative content performance effectiveness evaluation methods and other fields of content industry Having documented its acquired knowledge this company has attempted to transfer international content technology to Iran and devise modern techniques of content marketing based on business culture and behavior of Iranian consumers Output of this activity is the content marketing educational and informative page in Shanbeh weekly and contents of Faramohtava weblog Content Marketing ResearchMarket research has been always essentially important for businesses of all scales Market research is usually conducted for various purposes including strategic marketing planning market analysis for launching new products and services analysis of the competitors marketing techniques including pricing distribution networks variety of products discounts sponsoring exhibitions and competitions advertising campaigns identification and classification of target customers and analysis of their characteristics and persona market development aiming to sell products to new customers with different persona from the existing ones assessing feasibility of investment in related and unrelated sectors and other purposes which can provide valuable information helping the organization take proper measures at the proper time Faranegar Knowledge Ware Company considering scientific and academic techniques of market research methods conducts qualitative and quantitative research projects to study the content market for various organizations Such activities consists of identification and classification of audience persona aiming to address his requirements and interest in content during the process of purchasing products and services provided by the organization collecting primary and secondary information of customers loyalty towards the competitor s contents and products benchmarking the global content marketing trends of the related industry and also benchmarking global ideas methods and techniques of content marketing regardless of the limits of a certain industry Creating and Implementing Content Marketing Strategies In the process of creating and implementing content marketing strategy Faranegar Knowledge Ware Company first identifies expectations of senior management team of the organization of the content as well as problems of the business and then starts to analyze the secondary data organizational objectives and status of the existing content After analyzing the intra organizational approaches and defining the supporting roles the company goes through analyzing market customers and competitors In the next step strong and weak points of the organization the existing content and potentials of producing and publishing new contents as well as opportunities and risks of the environment in the field of content creation are analyzed Afterwards the organization beneficiaries approaches including those of the customers shareholders employees society suppliers distributors competitors government etc are selected and their characteristics are identified Based on the beneficiaries we can identify and classify the audiences persona and frame content roadmap hierarchy of content objectives content identity document and operation plan of implementing the strategy Budget management and modulating auditing indicators are the measures taken to manage the content Finally assignments and roles of the persons are planned in the content calendar and strategy and content role training courses are launched Faranegar attends the process of implementing the content strategy to evaluate the process and help solving problems and challenges Content Creation and Content Management In the field of content creation Faranegar is capable of producing text content general educational articles specialized articles taking and texting interviews newsfeeds and reports producing organizational experiences knowledge initial website content catalogue and product content picture content thematic photography product and industrial photography layout photography poster and advertisement photography film content thriller and arm station campaign and advertisement teaser organization introductory movies product and specialized knowledge introductory movies animation and motion graphic graphic content info graphic comic strip organization character imaging The company also undertakes monitoring process of producing content by content agencies and management of publishing coordinating and aligning the produced contents Evaluation of Content Performance Effectiveness One of the most important aspects of content marketing is auditing the content during the process of implementing the content strategy This is an effective means of continuous improvement of content marketing Faranegar uses quantitative indicators content ID content size descriptive structural and executive metadata characteristics of the person involved in the content critical dates of the content website traffic statistics exit ratio and negative comments time spent in each page URLs UVs number of MQLs audience to buyer conversion rate and financial criteria including the expected return on investment expected gross return on asset market expansion rate rate of increases new customers cost of content creation to attract a new customer cost of content creation to maintain the existing customers cost of content creation per purchase and qualitative indicators profitability and being searchable theme and message of the content content structure ROT indicator appropriateness of type subject and title of the content content gap content improvement and development to evaluate the contents On the other hand performance of the persons involved in process of content marketing is evaluated based on their KPIs Transferring Technology and Content Marketing Process Training Faranegar has always tried to offer training and development in the field of content marketing in form of two approaches The first approach is offering training courses and workshops based on the latest global knowledge and the courses are run as private and public programs The second approach is transferring content technology In this approach Faranegar Company is responsible to create implement and evaluate the content marketing strategy and a consultant introduced by Faranegar enters to a long term cooperation with the content marketing team of a business to lead and train them and transfer to them the knowhow of this field In this method the resident content marketing staffs of the organization coordinate their actions with Faranegar and Faranegar consultants are present regularly in the organization at the set consulting hours to lead them Shanbeh Weekly Shanbeh Weekly is Iran s first specialized publication in field of startups Our goals of publishing this weekly are promoting entrepreneurship culture introducing startups and potential fields of launching startups in Iran introducing the audience to successful and unsuccessful foreign examples teaching how to launch a startup and how to enter global markets interviewing owners of large Iranian startups and newly developed startups covering news and events of this field start discussions through bringing about problems to authorities practitioners and government authorities of this field finding solutions for the existing problems and challenges

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