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ClickMare provides a discounting system on a paid subscription basis for medical services and is working on providing this discounting system to be accessed by subscribers both as an online service and via the deployed office calendar software, or integrated with their websites. In addition to Transactional model basis for only laboratory tests and scanning. We are working to protect and promote the health of the population as they have many economic and social impacts, which have been largely overlooked to date. By making their social and economic impacts visible, clickmare will benefit from a stronger position in local and national development plans and investment strategies.
1- Our dedicated rate for most of medical services so, the patient will know the exact prices before the decision.
2- Provide the customers with an excellent discount for the chronic medications on monthly basis.
3- The patient can choose from a big number of medical providers.
4- We are providing the customers free trial for one medical service.
5- We provide the customers the information about the right place to do their investigations.
6- We concentrate on the family membership not individual.
7- The market is huge through the gap between the National Health Insurance and the private medical insurance.
ClickMare is facing an important social problem or challenge that is the massive increase in the pricing of all medical services specially, the medications, on the other hand, the weakness and decreasing the quality level in the public medical insurance that is parallel to the increasing the premium of the private health insurance.

Social impact is the positive change that we have created or effected over time in the Egyptian Society.

Healthy community is made up of individuals; people live together in communities. The development of people depends on the environment and depends on how organizations such as clickmare manage it to make it a healthy society.

Therefore, whether a society is healthy or not does has an impact on individuals. When Social Issue Affects One’s Health “Healthy individuals cannot survive when society is sick.” On the other hand, aspects of social structure influence health and illness. Social factors not only affect life expectancy, but the possibilities the one will experience diseases and in turn, the healthcare that they will receive. We bear the responsibilities to provide the individuals in the society with all facilities that ensure receiving a good healthcare protection

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Date Founded 11/2016

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