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Storage tanks for flammable liquids and hydrocarbons accumulate water layer in the tank bottoms Manual or traditional ways of controlling the water draw off can result in free Hydrocarbon product in the discharge The way of draining this water is to manually open the storage drain valve is done by operators Automatic Tank Dewatering application can drain the water from storages and avoids to drain hydrocarbon from pipelines and cause to maximizing crude oil storage To avoid wasting hydrocarbons application close discharge valve when detects hydrocarbons passes and No oil is discharged with the waste water One of the main advantages of this automatic Tank Dewatering System is that there is no physical contact between the sensors and the hydrocarbons Passes through the pipeline All the sensors are on the outside of the pipeline and cause to minimizing tank corrosion Also during the installation of this system no needs to stop refinery operation and discharging tank

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