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My company New Rocket Technologies is developing small space rockets for launching small satellites in low Earth orbit.

Let me explain - for the last 20 years electronics and technologies have become more compact and powerful, making satellites smaller, lighter and more affordable. And while satellites have become smaller and lighter, the rockets that launch them are still larger than necessary. Modern space rocket can launch up to 6 ton communication satellite, but what would you do if you need to launch only 400kg sat? Right now cluster launch are exist – big satellite (called main payload) integrated in the rocket and if some free slots available, you could launch your satellite also. It’s really inconvenient and uncomfortable situation, you should wait until main payload will be ready, probably couple of years! You need to fit some technical restrictions like orbit, on board equipment and so on. Also it currently costs over forty thousand dollars to launch one kilogram of small payload and my company can bring down that cost, making space more accessible.

And here the solution – the rocket with capacity up to 500kg in low Earth orbit.

We started in December last year, and right now we are developing the rocket engine of our prototype.

We plan to take from $18k for 1 kg of payload. Also, our goal is participating in space exploration with private and government sector.

2017 data shows that the total available market of launching services is about 2.5 billion dollars with average growth of around 10% per year.

Market Forecast of Euroconsalt agency here shows us the very bright picture of the next 8 years.

In our research our competitors are trying to build rocket that are either too small or too big.

We have about one hundred of potential enterprise customers’ rest of the world and we will be able to establish direct contact with them.

Our team of young professionals has experience in business, engineering and aerospace, and we all have a passion for rocket science.

We are looking for seed stage funding to begin prototype development and supporting equipment.

Thank you!

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