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AKELTECH enables its Partners to Franchise High Tech Vending Machines Serving a WIDE Range of Hot Food Products.
Whether it's our oat halloumi Manoushe or our delicious chocolate croissants, our machines are designed to deliver high -quality foods, hot and fast.

For our first product, we chose the Manoushe: the most famous Lebanese breakfast that is trending internationally.

For our partners, the Akeltech system offers:
Cleanliness: the machine is self-cleaning, and food replenishment is done with sealed cartridges.
Consistency: it's automated
Convenience: Since our machines are plug & play, they can technically be installed anywhere, and customer interaction is very intuitive. All Customers have to do is approach the machine, order food products of their choice on a touch screen, and in 1 to 2 minutes they receive their hot food in a sealed paper bag.

Finally, we have a major advantage which is Cost: Unlike traditional fast food businesses, our franchise doesn't require millions of dollars to start, or hundreds of thousands to operate.

We franchise the whole business where our customers would get access to
- Food Vending Machines
- Dashboards where they can monitor any machine's status, inventory, and sales in real time
- Business intelligence and insights to understand trends and manage forecasting
- Customization and localization of the machines (product offering, payment solutions, customer loyalty and rewards programs, custom features such as beverage dispenser)
- Continuous machine and recipe development, updated over the internet
- Food Shipped from Akeltech Central Kitchens to Franchisees' warehouses, ready to be stored in the vending machines
- Automated Kitchen Equipment (Optional)
- Training

What I would add is that I suffered from maintaining a healthy diet throughout my life (MBA night courses, ICU hospital nights, Undergraduate overnights, being on the road during my sales profession, etc..) where I had no choice but to eat chocolate and chips from vending machines. Having machines producing hot healthy snacks in under 2 minutes would have made my life easier.
Another thing I would add is that Thymetastic is only the start. The fast food market is ready to be disrupted, especially with increased labor costs, decreased costs of manufacturing, and increased hygiene and health awareness.
Our Vision is to Automated the fast-food industry, providing foods cleaner, faster, and healthier than ever, at low costs.

Please check the videos on our website

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