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Drop provides frictionless food ordering and delivery solutions. traditional food ordering and delivery methods create a hassle for customer who want their meals to arrive at rapid speed. This is why Drop exists. With its game-changing end-to-end solution, you just need to 1. Place the device on your fridge, and 2. push the ORDER button to request your favorite meal from your favorite restaurant. Now your dinner will be delivered to your house with nearly no effort needed. It is that efferotless and delightful! Add to that, with the companion app, you can customize your favorite orders and order them instantly from the app. With Push, never order lunch over the phone. We pave the path to frictionless food delivery.

Date Founded 10/2016

Primary Industry N/A

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Development Stage N/A

Revenue generating No

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Headquarter: Qatar

Branches: N/A

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Geographical focus: N/A

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