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Cura كيوراكيورا


Company Information

Cura is the only telehealth platform in the middle east that enables people to get consultations, diagnosis, prescriptions and well-being therapy sessions through instant messaging and live video calls from the comfort of your mobile phone. We target working men and women usually from 25-40 year old who are looking to get an immediate medical help in less than 5 minutes, get a specialized opinion in less than 24 hours or want help in achieving long term health goals such as reducing stress, following up on pregnancy or managing diabetes.

Date Founded 10/2016

Primary Industry N/A

Founders 2

Team Members 1 - 10

Business type N/A

Development Stage Growth

Revenue generating Yes

Linked Institutions N/A


Headquarter: Saudi Arabia (KSA)

Branches: Saudi Arabia (KSA)

Industries: N/A

Geographical focus: MENA

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