Company Information

Saaya provides mental health solutions tailored to your culture: we help organisations and individuals.
$80-100 billion are lost worldwide due to mental health issues.
We bridge this gap by offering you access to mental health therapists and tools.

Date Founded 06/2018

Industry Healthcare

Founders 3

Team Members 1 - 10

Business type N/A

Development Stage Prototype testing

Revenue generating Yes

Linked Institutions N/A

Funding Information

Currently fundraising ? Yes

Fundraising Amount: 101 - 250

Previous fundraising:

Previous amount raised: 0

Funding Rounds (0) - 0

What problem are you solving or value are you creating?

Mental Health solutions (for stress management through to illness) are : inaccessible inappropriate (for culture) unaffordable They cost organisations (universities, corporates), money and go unaddressed.

What's your market opportunity and how will you acquire customers?

We plan to grow B2C and B2B : B2C: our portal is open to anyone who is seeking help, just fill form and start sessions with the counsellors who fit your cultural profile. B2B :giving corporations access to our counsellors online, since each organisation is multi-cutural, our counsellors are as well, understanding the nuances of individual employees, we help them through tough times and coach them through good times.

Who are your competitors and what makes you different?

our competitors are relatively small in middle-east: in india: in pakistan: The competitors do not offer any B2B services to universities/corporates of NGOs, and do not cater across borders or cross-culturally. We intend to target Global Diaspora of B2C clients as well as local organisations

How will you monetize?

B2C: we take 15% cut off our counsellors (Our counsellors are on a sliding scale, with scale depending on client location) B2B: we are on a retainer with companies and take per-session costs beyond a certain level. we will also charge companies for insights/coaching on mental health. Counsellors will be paid a flat fee and we will take the rest.

What are your top three challenges?

B2C - client conversion: lots of signups, but converting to 1st session is slow. currently troubleshooting for greater uptake. B2B - finding the right connections across organisations to enable a sale, currently in talks with universities and Multi-Nationals (as Multi-nationals are already sold on mental health issue) In general: Funding to scale reliably and ensure we have a robust marketing team.


Incorporated: Bahrain

Branches: N/A

Geographical focus: India, MENA, Pakistan