Company Information

Tanvarz is a startup founded in 2012 with the aim to improve health and body shape of individuals.

Tanvarz tries to give a total solution to various kind of people with different ages so people can get in shape. This includes:

• Providing an online platform for trainers and trainees to design a fitness program, support, and monitor the trainees
• Providing fitness and diet plan customized to each individual designed by the most professional fitness and diet experts (https://www.tanvarz.ir/workout)
• Supplying legal sports supplements needed by each athlete advised by nutrition experts
• Supplying sports equipment needed by any individual to use at the gym
• Support and education of each athlete to get better results (https://www.tanvarz.ir/academy)
• Analyzing body, muscle and bone structure of each customer to give better instruction and guidance

Date Founded 09/2012

Primary Industry N/A

Founders 1

Team Members 11 - 20

Business type N/A

Development Stage Growth

Revenue generating Yes

Linked Institutions N/A


Headquarter: Iran

Branches: N/A

Industries: N/A

Geographical focus: N/A

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