Company Information

- MusiQ is a B2B independent music provider offering products and services for commercial brands and music community.
- Launched last year “MusiQ for retail" and since then we managed to sign all the major clients in every retail segment ( banks, real estate, shopping malls, restaurants, supermarkets, leisure and entertainment, food complexes, fashion, etc)
- Signed with local and international music catalogues through record labels like Universal Music Group, content aggregators, digital distributors and self releasing artists
We are positioning the company as a B2B music provider so we white-labeled our player to a major real estate client in egypt launching a one-to-one streaming app to empower young Egyptian artist( its called seashell beats Music App)
- Consulting a major telecom operator and and managing their music platform on the strategic level like Etisalat ( strategy development, technical development, music products, Gaming and communication as well) Acting a full-fledged services company.
- Synchronization licensing for WE Telecom operator
- Events concept development for Emaar and Blink for the north coast venue.
- Egyptian Tourism authority campaign for promoting Experience Egypt abroad collaborating with international music providers ( streaming platforms, festivals, Etc)
- Artist consultation like Cairokee ( commercial partnerships, digital distribution strategy, merchandising business and events concept development | Empire

Date Founded 05/2016

Primary Industry N/A

Founders 2

Team Members 11 - 20

Business type N/A

Development Stage Growth

Revenue generating Yes

Linked Institutions N/A


Headquarter: Egypt

Branches: N/A

Industries: N/A

Geographical focus: MENA

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