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Think smart, think ahead...
think Smart Media Box!
Smart Media Box is YOUR advertising partner which has UNIQUE PLATFORM in UAE and focused in directly delivering YOUR message to YOUR potential clients by groups and specified areas. We build long term relations while deeply comprehending our clients’ businesses, to develop effective advertising marketing and solutions to advance and boost YOUR business and goals. As well as providing great creative, high-tech and online marketing solutions; we also believe in working with, supporting and building the skills of our clients.

What is Smart Media Table Tent?

It is compact charging station that replaces any boring table-tent to marketing piece, the high-speed information transfer, providing an opportunity to demonstrate the advantage of your products or services, tells about promotions and discounts.
It is well equipped with universal fast-charging cables and a LED screens to display digital advertising.
The Smart Media Table Tent is everything that advertiser needs to draw and engage customers, new and old, represents the advertiser as effectively as they combine entertainment, movement, bright colours and influence the audience much more strongly than traditional advertising methods. With in-house Application Platform that helps easily to control advertising process on each and every location.
In today’s environment any consumer will undoubtedly find this useful. The Smart Media Table Tent can easily be customised for any company wishing to implement them. - just for information, under rebuilding.

Date Founded 12/2017

Primary Industry N/A

Founders 3

Team Members 1 - 10

Business type N/A

Development Stage SEED

Revenue generating Yes

Linked Institutions N/A


Headquarter: United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Branches: N/A

Industries: N/A

Geographical focus: MENA

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