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“Deewanji” is rooted from the Arab word “dewan,” a place where a community can gather to socialize. A deewanji or “d1g” is someone who participates in socializing at these gatherings. As an Arabic portal, is a medium for users to socialize and participate online by sharing their experiences with the Arab online community. is an interactive user-based portal for Arab online users. The portal aims to host Arabs online so they may create communities, build networks, share experiences and express themselves. At d1g, we have established a platform that allows users to participate with the online community in a welcoming, familiar and comfortable environment. The services we provide encourage users to communicate and interact online, give them access to information, debates, and experiences through chat rooms, cartoons, galleries, clips, forums, email, QnA, and much more.

d1g suite of services include a range of Arabic Web 2.0 and new models of online social networking to capitalize on the enormous growth in internet penetration and digital media in the Middle East. d1g is continuously offering new online service concepts for the Arab online communities that address a gap in the current online content and services for the emerging needs of Arab users.

Date Founded 01/2007

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Development Stage Launch

Revenue generating No

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Headquarter: Jordan

Branches: N/A

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