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Lifensor is point of care blood tester for quick diagnosis of diseases such as cancers and sepsis in few minutes making lab visits unnecessary With the advancement of science and technology the importance of speed and accuracy in the field of health and medical diagnoses taken into consideration more and more The aim of this project is to develop a biosensor platform for in order to detect biomarkers based on field effect transistors mechanism Since this type of sensors have wide applications in medical diagnostics including early detection of cancer infectious diseases heart attack and etc they could be utilized as a platform for various areas of diagnostic and with different target required molecules Finally the mission of the project after the success of protein and enzyme measurement will be the world 39 s most up to date topics in biosensors named DNA sequencing Generally the technological advantage of this design compared to other technologies such as optical spectrometry electrochemical and surface plasmon resonance is ability of low concentration measurement shorter test time in a single step measuring multiple target molecules with lower cost

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Headquarter:Tehran, Iran

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Geographical focus: Iran

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