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GH language learn


Company Information

GH learn is brand new method of learning by using smart devices that look like mobiles or ipadsthis method is going to make learning more simple and more enjoyable for example you can learn learn what ever you like by this device like learning language or art or music or science etc learning with this method is limitness How no 1everyone will be able to have access to all books contents articles and other sources about their expertise that they are learning just by using GH learn devices the benefit of this device is that it is no more necessary to use book to learnno 2everyone will have online classes with their teachers it means that it is no longer necessary to spend time in college or school instead of that everyone will have more time for what they like to do for their future no 3all the users of this devices can share their experiment and information about their expertise to help the others to use that informations to improve the knowledge level by sharing all experiments and informations

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Headquarter:Tehran, Iran

Branches: N/A

Industries: N/A

Geographical focus: Iran

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