Company Information

Repzo is a mobile sales CRM (customer relationship management) app for the iPhone & Android devices . Simply put, this application turns your smartphone or tablet into the ultimate standalone field force management tool. With Repzo, we’ve rolled the advanced features of several business sectors.

Date Founded 01/2017

Industry Network & Community, IT Solutions

Founders 3

Team Members 11 - 20

Business type N/A

Development Stage SEED

Revenue generating Yes

Linked Institutions N/A

Funding Information

Currently fundraising ? Yes

Fundraising Amount: $0 - $0

Previous fundraising:

Previous amount raised: $950.0K

Funding Rounds (0) - $950.0K

What problem are you solving or value are you creating?

Repzo helps busy professionals track and manage customer/client interactions, as well as present and finalize forms & purchase orders with clients/customers while in the field. Repzo also saves all your client locations & allows you to navigate to them using GPS navigation software. Repzo has the ability to generate reports regarding your reps working times and time spent at each client.

What's your market opportunity and how will you acquire customers?

Repzo is an international app, all companies with field employees uses repzo to manage and track their teams. Currently large corporations use expensive handhelds to manage their reps, this is a barrier for all SME's in the MENA region. Repzo is bilingual ( arabic & english ) and can support different languages when needed .

Who are your competitors and what makes you different?

To date ,there is no arabic mobile CRM apps in the market. Repzo offers a simple solution with a minimal subscription fee each month for each rep. Repzo offers push notifications on all activities your rep makes, a feature missing from all other international mobile CRM applications.

How will you monetize?

Repzo is a subscription based application. Pricing starts at 20$ / month / rep. This is a small fee in comparison with expensive handhelds used currently to track employees.

What are your top three challenges?

1- Regional Expansion. 2- Adding new features. 3- Converting Mangers from traditional paperwork reports.


Incorporated: Jordan

Branches: N/A

Geographical focus: N/A

City: N/A