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AraKhod is a marketplace based on the concept of swaper or barter. It is inspired by a practice common in the time of the Pharaohs, now adapted to the digital age.
From the most common items to the most unusual services, you can find your happiness locally or at a certain distance you choose, with the language of your choice.

The social networks dimension in the public or private space promotes communication and encourages the creation of social links by allowing the different users to interact with each other and negotiate through the application.
It is also possible to share some publications that interest you on other social networks so that your friends can invite themselves in your exchanges.

AraKhod revolutionizes the practice of bartering and invites all those who have something to give (Khod) to exchange it for what they wish to have (Ara).

Date Founded 07/2017

Primary Industry N/A

Founders N/A

Team Members N/A

Business type N/A

Development Stage Launch

Revenue generating No

Linked Institutions N/A


Headquarter: Lebanon

Branches: N/A

Industries: N/A

Geographical focus: N/A

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