Company Information

Our website is a platform where sellers submit second hand products. Those products are then collected by our team and verified before being stocked.
Only verified products will appear online to enable customers buy sound products and ensure that they are conformed with listings. With our solution, we are trying to make e-shoppers comfortable with online second-hand products transactions as they usually face fake ads, bad products quality, long negociations with unknown and inadaptated delivery process.
We target mainly the expat community which represents almost 90% of United Arab Emirates population from both buyers and sellers.
We're targeting sellers who put up for various items such as electronics to home items ranging from furniture to Household appliances, clothing, baby items or decorative items. On buyer side we're looking for expats who settles down and wants to be equipped at a lower cost.
Our aim is to drastically reduce the risk of bad online purchasing experience.

Date Founded 07/2017

Primary Industry N/A

Founders 1

Team Members 1 - 10

Business type N/A

Development Stage Launch

Revenue generating No

Linked Institutions N/A


Headquarter: United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Branches: United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Industries: N/A

Geographical focus: United Arab Emirates (UAE)

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