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Innovera Labs


Company Information

InnoveraLabs builds A.T.A.R. to automate defenses against cyber attacks. Organizations today are drowned in cyber alerts; a typical organization gets somewhere between 300 to 3.000 alerts per day from their defensive systems. This is usually very costly, and often neglected. Finding and recruiting highly skilled security operations people is also difficult. InnoveraLabs works with most enterprises in Turkey and witness their struggle, trying to analyze that many alerts and take necessary actions in a timely manner. A.T.A.R. is a proven technology to improve cyber defense against modern and changing attacks. Based on customer defined scenarios, it vigorously responds to cyber attack indicators as if a skilled human operator does, only much faster. Integrated with 50+ different security relevant technologies, A.T.A.R. coordinates all response activities, even involving human operators at different stages of incident response.

Date Founded 01/2007

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Headquarter:Istanbul, Turkey

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