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The State of Egypt: Industry Investment Trends in 2019
March 2020

This 17-page section report includes information and data-driven insights on the following:


- Industry Trends in Egypt, with the top 10 industries by number of deals and total funding of Egypt-based startups

- Developments within the Top Industries, including insights into the local FinTech, Transport, and E-commerce ecosystems

- Startup Highlights, showcasing the data-driven trends with concrete examples of startups that are active in the space


This industry section is part of our full Egypt report, which also includes pre-money valuations and investor trends!

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FinTech took Egypt by storm in 2019, ranking first by number of deals

With many government and private entities specifically focusing on the industry, FinTech accounted for the highest number of deals in Egypt in 2019. Compared to 2018, the industry increased nearly 3-fold, as investors increasingly looked at FinTech startups in the country to capture the burgeoning online payments space. 


This section report focuses on the key trends among industries in Egypt, including the top industries by number of deals and total funding, as well as a deep-dive into the key trends into the local FinTech, E-commerce, and Delivery & Transport startup funding trends. In 2019, for example, we saw FinTech startups that focus on providing easy and earlier credit to users and employees gain traction through larger funding rounds.


You can purchase this section report by clicking here. Want to see a sample of a full country report, which includes this section, first? Click here.


This report is part of the full 2019 Egypt Venture Investment Report. You can find Egypt-specific data, insights, and trends on the following topics as well in our other section reports:


- State of Egypt: Funding & Exit Evolution

- State of Egypt: Key Investor Trends

Purchase The State of Egypt: Industry Investment Trends in 2019

Purchase The State of Egypt: Industry Investment Trends in 2019

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