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The State of Egypt: Funding & Exit Evolution in 2019
March 2020

This 24-page section report includes information and data-driven insights on the following:


- Funding Trends in Egypt, with deals and funding insights, as well as average funding and pre-money valuations by stage

- Exit Trends in Egypt, including a list of all exits in 2019, with insights industries and acquirers of Egypt-based startups

- International Comparison, comparing Egypt to other regional startup ecosystems from a deals and funding perspective


This funding & exit section is part of our full Egypt report, which also includes investor and industry trends!

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Exits are hot, hot, hot in Egypt! 2019 saw more startup exits than ever before.

Among the exits was the first initial public offering (IPO) of an Egyptian FinTech startup, as Fawry listed on the Egyptian Stock Exchange in 2019. Moreover, the country also saw more than 50% of its startup acquisitions coming from international acquirers, as international entities increasingly look to expand in the country and region.


This section report delves deeper into the key funding and exit trends in Egypt, including a list of all exits and top 10 funding rounds, as well as the average pre-money valuation and funding amount by funding stage. Moreover, it highlights developments in the funding and exit landscape, including which types of entities are increasingly looking to acquire local startups and how Egypt compares to other countries in the region from a funding perspective.


You can purchase this section report by clicking here. Want to see a sample of a full country report, which includes this section, first? Click here.


This report is part of the full 2019 Egypt Venture Investment Report. You can find Egypt-specific data, insights, and trends on the following topics as well in our other section reports:


- State of Egypt: Industry Investment Trends

- State of Egypt: Key Investor Trends

Purchase The State of Egypt: Funding & Exit Evolution in 2019

Purchase The State of Egypt: Funding & Exit Evolution in 2019

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