2020 YTD has seen $803M invested in MENA-based startups, matching total funding of full-year 2019


The current Q3 2020 MENA Venture Investment Report leverages MAGNiTT's data to provide an in-depth analysis of venture investments in Middle Eastern and North African (MENA) startups in Q3 2020. With the analyzed period spreading from 2015 to 2020, the report presents compelling insights on the MENA venture space on a yearly, quarterly, and monthly basis. It also paints a dynamic picture of the continued impact of COVID-19 on the region’s technology startups & investors.


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-Capital invested in startups in 2020 YTD has matched total FY 2019 funding;
-However, Q3 2020 saw a 50% decline in the number of startup investments compared to Q2 2020; the lowest number of deals of any quarter since Q1 2018;
-2020 has seen a record H1 for capital deployed driven by an increase in average deal-size at both Series A (up by 34%) and Series B (up by 91%) from 2019;
-The UAE ranked 1st by number of deals (with 26% of all deals), as well as by the amount of capital invested;
-E-commerce reclaimed the top-spot by deal-share with 21% of all deals in 2020, overtaking FinTech. Together, the industries made up 40% of all deals in MENA in Q3.


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Are we beginning to see the impact of COVID-19 on the MENA Venture Investment space?

‘In H1, we predicted that there would be a delay in seeing the impact of COVID-19 on the VC industry, because historically, it can take between 6-12 months for a funding round to close,’ explains Philip Bahoshy, MAGNiTT’s CEO. ‘Six months on from the onset of the pandemic, the Q3 data likely reflects the impact of decisions taken by investors in Q1 and Q2.’


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