In November 2020, MENA VC funding continued to exceed investments in FY 2019 despite the ongoing complications created by COVID-19.

Since June 2020, the number of investment deals has continued to decline, reaching the lowest point in October 2020 with only (20) deals, picking up again in November 2020 with a (30%) increase. Furthermore, total funding has remained relatively nascent since July 2020 but saw a ($5M) drop from October to November 2020, (-10%).


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The November 2020 Dashboard includes a summary and data-driven information on:

● Executive Summary & Top News: A condensed view of the most important activity and takeaways in the month
● Funding Overview: A list of all deals in the month, as well as charts on deals and funding trends over the years
● Country Dashboard: A ranking of the top countries in the month and year by number of deals
● Industry Dashboard: A ranking of the top industries in the month and year by number of deals
● Investor Dashboard: A breakdown of the most active investor in the year thus far, by number of investments
● Funding Rounds: A list of all deals in the month, including funding amount, investor names, funding stages, and more
● Exits: A list of all exits in the month, including acquisition amounts where available, as well as the acquirer and startup logos
● Methodology & Definitions