In May 2021, Saudi startups reigned over the month as they bagged the highest funding and closed the most deals. E-commerce made a comeback in MENA as the sector welcomed a 1000% increase in funding YoY. Gaming continued to dominate proceedings in Turkey, accounting for over half of the month’s capital. In Pakistan, the month witnessed a major Fintech deal and heavy interest from international investors who backed two-thirds of all deals.


Overall, most markets saw an increase in funding in May 2021 as compared to May 2020, possibly a result of the dip in the latter month given the uncertainty of the time.

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Emerging Venture Markets- May 2021 Key Highlights


•  While invested capital in May 2021 in MENA doubled YoY, the number of deals halved since May 2020, increasing average deal size by four times during the period

•  Capital deployed in KSA during May 2021 was 761% higher than the same time last year, while that in the UAE increased by 630% YoY

•  Three MENA startups recorded an exit in May, only a year after they were founded

•  In the first five months of 2021, Turkey recorded 77% more registered deals and 544% higher capital deployed than it did until May in 2020

•  Venture capital in Pakistan by May in 2021 tripled year-over-year, while the number of deals only rose by three

The May 2021 Dashboard provides a summary of venture activity for each of the three markets listed above:

Funding Overview: Yearly, Quarterly, and Monthly analysis of venture investment activity across each market

Country Overview: Deal and Funding split per country along with a two-year deal and funding comparison*

Industry Overview: Deal and Funding split per industry along with a two-year deal and funding comparison

Funding Rounds: A list of the top 10 investments in the month of May

Exits: A list of the last 5 rolling exits year-to-date, including acquisition amount wherever disclosed

Investors: List and ranking of the most active investors in May 2021 and YTD

*MENA Only


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