March 2018 Funding Summary
▪March saw an uptick in amount invested, despite a decline in the number of transactions undertaken
21 deals were disclosed in March 2018, amounting to $20.46M
−This was the highest amount invested in March in last 3 years, excluding 2017
−The number of deals was 1 higher in March 2018 (21) compared to March 2017 (20)
−Q1 2018 ($36M) fell $25M short compared to Q1 2017 ($61M) in terms of total funding
▪Top three March deals by disclosed investment size were:
−HolidayME- $12M
−Pawame - $2M
−The List - $1.7M
▪Investment analysis breakdown:
9 of the 21 deals took place at the SEED Stage, 2 disclosed at Series A and 1 disclosed at Series B
−UAE saw the highest number of investments (8), Other notable investments: Syria (4), Egypt (3), and Lebanon (3)
−Investments were spread across 13 different industries, with 3 deals in E-Commerce and Delivery & Logistics