In July 2021, Egyptian startups dominated venture activity across MENA region. They secured the highest deals across MENA in the month and raised 47% of the region's capital. Meanwhile, both UAE and KSA closed seven more deals, maintaining a difference of nine in total transactions registered in the countries thus far in 2021. The month’s largest funding round was closed by Egyptian E-commerce startup MaxAB.


Outside of MENA, Turkey saw Real Estate startup Evtiko raise a $65M Series A round in July 2021. However, the capital raised in the country in July was 40% lower YoY, while deal count also dropped slightly. The Turkish ecosystem announced five new exits in July.


Although Pakistani startups raised just one-fourth of the capital they did in July 2020, the ecosystem saw its first exit since 2018.


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Emerging Venture Markets - July 2021 Key Highlights

•  With the additional capital invested in MENA in July 2021, the region’s VC ecosystem amassed 22% more capital thus far than it did in FY 2020

•  July 2021 represented the lowest number of transactions in MENA in any month in 2021 YTD

•  Egyptian startups accounted for 47% of venture capital raised in the month across MENA. Of the capital deployed in Egyptian startups, 57% was attributed to one startup

•  E-commerce was the recipient of 45% of VC funding in MENA in July, while in Turkey 57% of capital was poured into Real Estate

• Pakistan announced is first exit since 2018 while both MENA and Turkey announced five exits each in July 2021


The July 2021 Dashboard provides a summary of venture activity for each of the three markets listed above:

Funding Overview: Yearly, Quarterly, and Monthly analysis of venture investment activity across each market

Country Overview: Deal and Funding split per country along with a two-year deal and funding comparison*

Industry Overview: Deal and Funding split per industry along with a two-year deal and funding comparison

Funding Rounds: A list of the top 5 investments in the month of July

Exits: A list of the last 5 rolling exits year-to-date, including acquisition amount wherever disclosed

Investors: List and ranking of the most active investors in July 2021 and YTD

*MENA Only


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