● Light start into 2021, with declines in both total capital deployed and deal activity when compared to January 2020
Egypt accounted for the highest share of deal activity, while Saudi Arabia saw the highest amount of funding last month
Fintech led the way into 2021 with the highest number of investments, one of MENA's fastest-growing tech sectors


With a $100M+ Mega Deal, Turkey saw exponential growth in funding activity
Consumer Services saw the second-highest share of funding last month after Delivery & Logistics
Top 10 funding rounds accounted for over 70% of total funding last month, 69% of which was due to the $100M+ deal


60% increase in total capital deployed while seeing a slight dip in deal activity, compared to January 2020
E-Commerce startups accounted for the lion's share of deal and funding activity at the beginning of the year
No startup exits took place in Pakistan since July 2018, when Daraz was acquired by the conglomerate Alibaba Group 


The January 2021 Dashboard provides a summary of venture activity for each of the three markets listed above:
● Funding Overview: Yearly, Quarterly, and Monthly analysis of venture investment activity across each market
● Country Overview: Deal and Funding split per country 2021 along with a two-year deal and funding comparison*
● Industry Overview: Deal and Funding split per industry 2021 along with a two-year deal and funding comparison
● Funding Rounds: A list of the top 10 investments in the month of January
● Exits: A list of the last 5 rolling exits year-to-date, including acquisition amount wherever disclosed
● Investors: List and ranking of the most active investors over the last two years and YTD

*MENA Only

Below is a sample of the January 2021 Venture Investment Dashboard:


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