The February 2018 Analytics Report summarises and analyses investments in MENA-based startups, including funding trends in countries, industries and funding stages, as well as comparisons and gap analyses. February 2018 saw $8.3M invested in 6 MENA-based startups. Despite a drop in the number of deals compared to February in previous years, this is the highest amount of disclosed investment in February in the last 3 years, excluding 2016.


What is included in this report:


- Executive Summary: Snapshot including the key takeaways from the report.

- All Deals in February 2018: All MENA-based startups that received investment in February 2018, including country, industry, funding amount, funding stage, and investors.

- February 2018 Funding Overview: High-level overview and analysis of all MENA-based startup funding over time (monthly, quarterly, and yearly), including a gap analysis to the previous year.

- Funding Stage Breakdown: Analysis of the different stages of funding, such as early stage, Series A, Series B, and how they compare and change over time.

- Industry Breakdown: Analysis of the most popular industries by number of deals and funding amount in February 2018 and YTD, as well as how they change over time.

- Country Breakdown: Analysis of the most popular countries by number of deals and funding amount in February 2018 and YTD, as well as any trends over time.

- Top News in February 2018: Highlight of the top news of February 2018

February 2018 Funding Summary
▪February saw an uptick in amount invested, despite a decline in the number of transactions undertaken
−6 deals were disclosed amounting to $8.3M
−This was the highest amount invested in February in last 3 years, excl. 2016.
−It was the lowest # of deals recorded in February in recent history
−Still a long way from matching previous year’s total Q1 funding (-$43M)
▪Top three February deals by disclosed investment size were:
−Arkin Technologies- $3.5M
−Ghinwa - $3M
−Enhance (Joi gifts) - $1.5M
▪Investment analysis breakdown:
−5 of the 9 deals took place at the SEED Stage, 3 disclosed at Series A and 1 undisclosed at Series B
−3 of the deals occurred in the UAE and Jordan respectively, 2 in Kuwait and 1 in Lebanon
−Investments were spread across 6 different industries, with 3 deals in E-Commerce