A year past the pandemic-led dip, August 2021 revealed evidence of strong recovery in Emerging Venture Markets

As August 2020 had seen a Covid-inflicted slump in numbers, August 2021 demonstrated improved activity across all Emerging Venture Markets covered by MAGNiTT (MENA, Turkey & Pakistan). VC funding in the month grew by over 4x in MENA and Turkey and by as high as 30x in Pakistan, barring all mega-deals ($100M+).

Large deals in Turkey and Pakistan took VC funding in the markets to new heights

Major funding rounds in Turkey and Pakistan stood out as key highlights in August 2021, taking the VC ecosystems in both markets to reach all-time high investment levels. E-commerce platform Trendyol in Turkey and Transport startup Airlift Technologies in Pakistan were the hero startups.

MENAPT (MENA, Pakistan & Turkey) announced eight exits in August 2021

The MENA region recorded five of these as exits in 2021 YTD surpassed that in FY 2020. 


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Emerging Venture Markets - August 2021 Other Key Highlight

•  Year-over-year, funding in August 2021 across MENA was up by 304% while deals closed rose by 43%

•  By the end of August, UAE and Egypt accounted for half of VC transactions that were registered across MENA in 2021

•  E-commerce continued to trend upward as industry startups accounted for one-fourth of all deals closed in August 2021 across MENA

•  Courtesy of a $1.5B mega-deal in E-commerce, Turkey touched record-high levels of yearly, half-yearly and quarterly funding by August 2021

•  A Series B round by Airlift Technologies in August 2021 meant the Pakistani ecosystem marked its highest ever yearly funding in 2021 YTD


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