The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has been the largest recipient of startup funding in the MENA region, with 112 funding rounds taking place in 2018 alone. Some of them, like Careem's $200M fundraise, are well-known and public knowledge, but many deals are often not disclosed publicly. 

This Excel sheet, however, provides you all the funding rounds that took place in the UAE in 2018, including startup names and their industry, stage of funding, funding amount and all investors. In short, this Excel sheet will give you an overview of the UAE funding ecosystem at large and allows you to analyse the in-depth data yourself to find interesting insights.

The downloadable Excel file contains the following information:
● Startup name
   The name of the startup that received funding
● Funding date
   The month, quarter and year in which the startup received funding
● Startup location
   The country and city of the funded startup
● Industry
   The industry that the funded startup is active in
● Funding Stage
   The stage of funding of the funding round
● Funding Amount
   The amount of money that the startup raised. When the amount is undisclosed, a proxy is provided.
● Investors
   The names of the investors that participated in the funding round