E-commerce deals in MENA-based startups have tripled from 2016 to 2019


- 2019 saw a record of 60 investment deals in E-commerce

- E-commerce ranks #2 by total funding and number of deals out of all MENA industries

- The number of funding instituions investing in E-commerce has risen from 37 in 2018 to 61 in 2019


With consumers increasingly turning to online purchases, startups that are active in the e-commerce industry have flourished, with 2019 seeing more investments in MENA-based e-commerce startups than ever before. Moreover, there were more investors and exits than any previous year, as startups in the industry look to consolidate to provide a more competitive offering.


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MENA's first e-commerce report includes:

E-commerce Funding Trends in MENA, incl. deals & funding evolution, avg. funding, and top MENA deals
- E-commerce Exit Trends in MENA, including a list of all 2019 exits
- Investors in E-commerce, most active investors by stage ranked
Industry Vertical Insights, case studies on top e-commerce verticals, such as Fashion, F&B, and Pure E-commerce
- Pre-money Valuation by Funding Stage, highlighting the avg. pre-money valuation at Seed & Series A
- Country Rankings & Trends in E-commerce, incl. a ranking of MENA countries by e-commerce deals and funding



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