Your funding journey starts here: 3 tips to help discover your next investor

Once your startup is ready to raise funding, the ultimate goal is to successfully secure funding, but finding an investor to fit you and understand your vision is equally as, if not, more important. 

With our investor directory, we enable you to source investors in your industry, do your due diligence on partners at different firms, see their funding investments, and more! Your initial investors are a significant part of your journey, that is why choosing the right investor for your startup is critical. 

3 key things you need to to know when sourcing investors: 

1. Keep calm: and explore your options

With over 2,000 investors, enablers, and corporates on our platform, it is easy to feel overwhelmed and wonder, where do I start? We’ve got you covered. With our filters, you can narrow your search down by your industry, your geographical location, and your development stage. This will ease your mind and streamline the process for you!

Remember that different investors can fulfill different goals, everyone wants the capital that VCs have to offer. Yet, if you aren’t at the same stage they are looking for, you’ll need to search for an Angel Investor or Seed Investor, which you can do with our investor type filters

Are you really pressed for time and just want to get down to the bottom of it? We’ve compiled a list of the most active investors in the MENA region right now. 

2. Educate yourself: on the different assets and resources investors, enablers, and corporates can provide you and their ability to fund

Simply because they are a well-known investor in the region, does not necessarily mean they are the right fit for you. We’ve given you the resources to dive deeper into each investor's portfolio by providing you transparency, such as insight into their funding investments, ticket sizes, what industries they are investing in, as well as their stage focus. So that you can take a look at the last time the prospective investor participated in a funding round and how their other investments are performing. 

When you’re ready to take your concept to reality, your first conversation will likely be with an Angel Investor, and while they are more sparing, a VC will expect a lot more from you, which is why it is important to come prepared by starting your research on our investor directory. 

By looking into their portfolios on MAGNiTT, you are able to do your necessary research on the investor, corporate or enabler before meeting with any of them. You’ll also be able to differentiate yourself from the rest and tailor your pitch to be more attractive based on your research. Further, you can find investors who have a reputation for funding repeat rounds of investment and foreshadow into future investments of your own.

3. Get connected: by ensuring the investor will work well with your company/team

With our investor directory, not only do you get an insider look into the investment history, but you're also able to connect to Partners and Team Members of the company. This will allow you to do your due diligence on the team before you meet them, making you prepared for any conversation that may ensue whether it be them asking for a pitch deck, getting on a cold call with you, or wanting to meet you and your team.

Additionally, you are able to tell the activity of the investor and how many portfolio companies they have based on their profile. This will help you understand the influence of the investor, the experience they have, as well as the support they can offer you. Whether it be investments, mentorship, or an opportunity for a merger and acquisition. 

Once you’ve identified that they are a good fit for you and they are running an application, you can then apply using their online funding application that we host on MAGNiTT. To learn more about funding applications and how to apply, watch this video.

With our investor directory tool, we will help you to decide what is important in an investor, enabler, or corporate and filter and screen them easily, while empowering you to make the best decision. In the end, it has little to do with the funds itself, but more about the knowledge you’ll be gaining and the relationship you will be building, which ultimately starts on MAGNiTT!

Have any questions or need any further support? Contact us and view our Helpdesk to navigate easily through MAGNiTT and all of our tools.

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