Why you should introduce a sales structure to scale revenue

Picture the scene: the sales floor is loud, the messaging is in sync and you can feel the unified energy in the room, which is almost like a religious event. As you listen intently, you notice that the messaging is mixed, your product is not being discussed consistently, your prospect who was booked into a meeting yesterday is no longer interested once the real offering is apparent. You notice there are two different elevators used to pitch in the same room. 82% of B2B decision-makers think sales reps are unprepared. 

As your clients move further down the funnel, it becomes apparent that your companies sales pitch is changing as more experienced salespeople deliver something similar to your vision, but potential damage has already been done with commitments that can't be honored from a previous conversation. For your team, if your messaging and structure is not unified, then inconsistency can result in a lack of clarity, flair, and understanding of your business and aspirations.

Can you accept that your business is being portrayed differently by your teams? Can you witness two elevator pitches at the same time as you listen intently and not react? If only 13% of customers believe a salesperson can understand their needs, are you setting yourself up for failure without a universal message?

Your sales team needs to have a universal structure to execute a pitch that can increase revenue.

Introducing a strong sales structure

The need to introduce a sale structure from the offset is important to provide entrepreneurial flair and have your messaging on point. You can throw a script at your team and risk your best assets being bored to submission. This usually is a result of a lack of training, and understandably this may not be your strength; if you've hired salespeople, you might adopt a “can't they do it?” mentality.

Without structure (which can be trained companywide), you will have inconsistency in your messaging. The quality of conversation will vary and you can potentially lose your best talent due to a lack of direction meaning that they are unable to perform. You may never see their full potential because you did not lay the foundations.

My Co-Founder Liam & I have learned, executed, and repeated the same structure throughout our 20 years in Sales which can be used in all scenarios. Booking meetings, your first cold call, warming the gatekeeper, and negotiating to name a few. It works in all sales scenarios.

A sales structure can provide a path that can boost your teams individual and team mindset. It can drive momentum and can create an atmosphere that only other companies can dream of. It also combines all areas of the sales cycle in a structure that does not complicate, all your team can absorb and execute. Simply by writing it down and ticking as they progress!

Jordan Report

The IISSC structure

The structure we have used is IISSC which means…

Introduction - I will introduce myself, my business, who I work with, and how I can help you!

Investigation - I ask you questions until I understand that my company can have a positive influence on your company.

Summary (The most underrated tool in a salespersons tool kit) -  I repeat what you told me because I love the fact that I can showcase that I have listened!

Sell - Based on the first three, I can show you a tool that my company has that can provide a positive influence on yours and you will agree as I have already summarized where you need help.

Close - As we have agreed and demonstrated that I have a tool that can help, we then formalize how we become partners.

Without a unified structure, you will have inconsistency in your messaging. The quality of conversation will vary and you can potentially lose your best talent due to a lack of direction. If you decide to throw a script at your team and risk your best assets being bored to submission, you can't expect them to be enticed to remain in a business that does not provide a structure.

What happens when the A players are tempted by a company that offers training and coaching that can boost their sales, morale, and career? The best thing about structure is that it does not take long to implement, with the right discipline and help. And it's simple! Use it in training - high-performing sales organizations are twice as likely to provide ongoing training as low-performing ones.

The onus is on you to create a vision, a guide, and a unified sales floor that understands their objective. Imagine reaching the end of the quarter/month with your team in the green, a product that's being communicated in the way you dreamed of, and an energy that you'd wish you could bottle and sell!

You can be safe knowing that as your clients move down the funnel, the structure remains intact and you do not need to accept a slip in standards. So, create a structure, and see results change.

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