What Happens To Your MENA Business When Big Data Becomes Too Big?

By Christine Grove / Inc. Arabia - Image Credit: Inc. Arabia


SOURCE: What Happens To Your MENA Business When Big Data Becomes Too Big?

Inc. Arabia takes a look at what happens to MENA businesses onces Big Data becomes too big. 

The industrial revolution launched us into an age of bureaucracy. Fast forward to recent years, where we’ve shifted into an age of information, which has changed the way we work into a meritocracy. Over the past two decades, we’ve seen the world’s top companies leveraging the power of information to boost their competitive edge in global markets, and the majority of new businesses have followed suit.

As it stands, data is on the tongue of every company, big or small—and the Middle East is no different. However, according to Julian Birkinshaw, professor and chair of strategy and entrepreneurship at the London Business School, things are on the cusp of taking a different turn. “Big data has become ubiquitous, and so it can no longer guarantee businesses a leg up,” he says.

So, is the information age coming to an end already? And what’s next? In his book Fast/Forward, co-authored by Jonas Ridderstråle, Birkinshaw outlines how business leaders can prepare for the future. Like it or not, the future is already on our doorstep like a proverbial ice age, rendering current business strategy practices obsolete. Birkinshaw calls it the age of adhocracy.

“Adhocracy is opportunistic,” he tells us. “Adhocracy is about action rather than debating. We act, we experiment. It’s more entrepreneurial.”

It’s evident that the world of business, competitive advantage is shrinking, and companies are scrambling to find an edge. And with this, a bountiful industry of advice-givers has grown around the concept of business aspiration. Consultants, academics, and of course, journalists have a plethora of insights on offer on a level never seen before.

Source: incarabia.com