WakeCap delivers on promise to empower construction against COVID-19 using technology and data

In light of recent events, the construction industry like many others is redefining how they do business. As part of the community and as a construction solutions provider, WakeCap set out to help clients with innovative solutions to this unprecedented challenge. The goal? ​Keeping workers safe!

Construction companies need to automate processes and streamline activities to ensure they mitigate and reduce the risks while maintaining operations. The World Health Organization recommends maintaining a social distance within gatherings to reduce the risk of transmission.

WakeCap provides a unique all-encompassing solution that provides real-time location services to monitor the workforce. The solution connects workers with zero-training, zero-configuration, and a patented-wearable solution integrated seamlessly into the existing personal safety equipment (Hard Hat) and ID cards for the workers who do not use Hardhats. At WakeCap, with their network infrastructure and data capabilities, they are undoubtedly in a position to help construction companies achieve augmented levels of social distancing within their worksites to keep their workers safe, follow governmental regulations and track the potential after-effects of an infection.

Besix, a Euro 3.3 Billion/year general contractor and one of their clients, was confronted with a positive case of COVID-19 in a worker who had been active in one of their 2000+ workers, Dubai sites. WakeCap immediately delivered to Besix a list of possibly COVID-19 positive workers, the areas where the worker traveled based on their simple contact tracing, and a dashboard that would help Besix identify all possibly infected workers. They were also able to identify when the infected worker had longer and closer interactions with other workers on the site, increasing their chance of infection. Since then, they have hit the ground running to manifest their data capabilities into actionable insights that help Besix track and control the damage in order to avoid the most serious of scenarios.

“Having a platform like Wakecap in our project has provided us with valuable information on the workforce geolocation trends, allowing our teams to take improvement measures on the project logistics, particularly on the optimization of site access, location of welfare facilities, vertical transportation, etc. In the current situation, through WakeCap we can get historical data on worker’s movements if the worker is infected” says the Project Director, Luis Miguel Monteiro, Besix.

“The dashboard allows the client to select the dates and adjust the distance detected between the virus holder and the other workers depending on the client’s judgment in accordance with global and local guidelines on workplace social distancing. We have also identified and shared the list of floors and zones that the infected worker visited in order to double-down on sanitation and prevent indirect infection through contaminated locations”, says Hassan Albalawi CEO and founder of WakeCap.

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