Vienna based apilayer acquires two products from Egyptian startup Pushbots

In early 2019, PushBots fired up two SaaS API products:; an API that gives your applications and websites fast, reliable and meaningful IP geolocation data and; an API that provides real-time midrange exchange rates for 154 world currencies. While iptrace started as an internal tool needed to equip PushBots with up-to-date and reliable geolocation data, currencystack sprung as an experiment to localize currency data in push notifications.

“We put the two products out there for developers in the community, and received a positive  traction  that  has  manifested in  the  products  taking  the leaderboard in ProductHunt which turned  out  as  a  good  validation.  In  our  very short period of operating these two products, we have delivered hundreds of millions of API calls for customers in over 20 countries. Moreover, the two products caught the attention of API marketplaces Manifold and RapidAPI, that’s why we quickly moved to offer integrations there so they can be directly consumed.” Stated Amr Sobhy, PushBots CEO.

Today, they are happy to announce that apiLayer – a Vienna based company that has a range of productivity-boosting Web APIs & cloud-based SaaS Applications for developers have acquired the two products to add them their API portfolio.