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Following the launch of The VC Box in late April, the platform has seen a massive uptake in user interest, with thousands of visitors to the website and hundreds of documents already generated. 

The VC Box was launched to solve a major obstacle in early-stage startup fundraising. Too often negotiations are unsuccessful due to:

• An unbalance where one of the parties is new to venture capital financings and therefore lacks the necessary knowledge.

• A party not understanding a term or provision, which is only ever used in a venture financing, leading to critical misunderstandings.

• The company and/or angel investors not possessing the know-how or financial capability to gain access to legal counsel and prepare even simple financing documents.

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As a party to a venture capital deal, you want to ensure that you make the right choices, and this requires a great deal of attention to the transaction documents memorializing the deal. These transaction documents contain highly specialized terms, and to ensure that you are making the right choices, you must understand what these terms signify and how they impact your company as a startup and your investment as an investor. For instance, the conversion of a SAFE Note into future equity is a delicate calculation that not only requires an understanding of valuation caps and discounts, but also an appreciation of how your investment will be treated in a liquidation event as opposed to a dissolution event. A shareholders’ agreement sets out various provisions including but not limited to the rights of the investors, details with respect to the governance of the company, and other rights and obligations of the parties. A subscription agreement contains important warranties that protect your rights either as an entrepreneur or an investor. 

The VC Box not only offers you insight on the meaning and implication of these specialized terms, but also provides you access to automated law firm deal templates, free of charge.

Our experience is that initial negotiations should be based on a term sheet (Click HERE to read more about the value of a term sheet). Term sheets allow the parties to negotiate a non-binding agreement with simplified terms, which you can then use to prepare more complex documents such as SAFE Notes, subscription agreements, and shareholders’ agreements. All of these documents can be prepared in under ten minutes using our user-friendly document generator. 

Whether you are an entrepreneur looking for funds to grow your startup or an investor with funds looking for the next best idea with great potential for a return on your investment, The VC Box invites you to take advantage of the many great resources it offers.

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